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I’ve been counseled by nutritionists, trainers, therapists, close friends and blood relatives. But my life coach, Florence Haridan, is all of those, rolled into one generous, practical woman — I call her “my personal Oprah.” In a matter of months, Florence managed to discover more about my hopes, dreams and demons, than any one of them. In the two years I’ve worked with Florence, I’ve seen my fears dissipate as my dreams materialize. Florence has the charisma to make you feel as if you can achieve anything, the spunk to challenge you to try, and the common sense to help you come up with a workable plan.   
Claire Clark


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About Coaching


Our beliefs are at the center of our lives. They hold together the rest of our lives. They drive the decisions we make and the actions we are moved to take.


Coaching is focused on helping individuals and business owners to live to their values and beliefs in all areas of their lives. In the “busyness” of our lives, our beliefs often times become unclear and out of focus. Coaching is geared to help clarify beliefs and link them to aspirations and goals.


Bringing our actions into alignment with our values brings change that is deep and meaningful.


Coaching affects whole lives. It is impossible to separate our lives into compartments. Bringing a balanced approach to all areas of our lives is critical. Each area feeds and influences the others, so each must be equally supported.


Personal change and professional change are linked. They support and drive each other at the deepest levels. Numbers and dollars measure results in business. In life it is measured in laughter, love and smiles. We shoot for the right balance of both!


Gathering has created several ways to support personal growth:



Each experience brings something unique to the journey. Florence has found it is in the mix of experiences that deep and meaningful growth happens. Often a workshop experience fuels the need for deeper diving that can happen in individual coaching. As a clarity in purpose and action begins to evolve, the support of a group becomes a new fuel and inspiration.


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