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Go within and all the wisdom you have will be revealed.


The gathering approach leverages the skills of inquiry, discovery and listening. You have all the answers within you, within your organization, be it a company or a family. It is our goal to help you tap into that wisdom in a way that is positive and supportive.


Getting to those answers in a way that honors your values and your goals is the focus of our approach. We believe in creating a space that is nurturing, encouraging, challenging and full of the right energy. Looking at our lives in an honest and respectful way is the bedrock of coaching. We believe it is this approach that develops healthy and productive coach/client relationships. The work we do generally follows four stages that create a cycle of ongoing growth and development.


Each life and business has a process and force of its own. We work to gain understanding of each unique process and create approaches that leverage our methodology, yet more importantly, honors that of the individual or business. It is in this co-creating that we see the most predictable and sustainable results over time.


Stage One: Where are you now?

We begin by assessing the levels of satisfaction in the areas of your life/business that you see as critical to personal fulfillment. We take a look at where you are currently spending your energy and what return you are gaining from each investment.


Stage Two: Where do you want to go and why is it important?

This stage is about clarifying goals and linking them to the values that you have come to believe in throughout your life. Gaining clarity in the why, will fuel ongoing commitment to the vision and serve as inspiration to moving to action.


Stage Three: Solidifying the goal and creating a plan.

As you gain clarity in the value of these goals, you begin to create achievable plans. We help to create plans that are full of excitement and allow for joy. We create a roadmap and articulate achievable milestones. Creating measurable goals and putting methods of accountability in to place will ensure success.


Stage Four: Honest assessment, realignment and celebration.

This stage allows the cycle to create ongoing results. It allows us to look at what is working and what is not. It moves you to refinement of approach and supports ongoing celebration of success.


Each cycle time is different based on the complexity the organization and its goals. We work to create cycles that will show results in the shortest amount of time.