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Events and workshops are created to support individual styles, blending various modes of learning and allowing each student to interact with the material in his/her own way. The workshops encourage self reflection and planning. Each participant has the opportunity to bring his/her own philosophy and approach to the conversation. The results are motivating and inspire individuals into action.

Florence has spoken to many groups and organizations across the country. Many of these events are available for you to host for your group, however big or small, public or private. From a team at work, a group of friends who journey together, or a professional organization, we will work with you to evolve any workshop to meet the needs of your unique group.

Additionally, we love to create custom events inspired by our clients. 


How Design Saved My Life – And Can Save Yours!

Florence shares her experience of leveraging design principles to help reshape her life. You explore what your favorite design principles are and how you can use them to drive lasting and meaningful change in your life and business.
2 hours


Choices: Then, Now, Tomorrow

Explore how your choices and experiences have shaped your dreams and goals. Florence will share her experience and illustrate how she has used this approach to gain a respect for her dreams. She will share how this knowledge has given her the faith to move forward in making big dreams come true.
2 hours


Discover YOUR voice

Each of us holds a treasure trove of wisdom deep within us. Our wisdom has evolved and grown our whole lives. It has been built and refined by our successes and failures. Discover ways to unleash into this wisdom and bring it to life to fuel your goals
and dreams.
2 hours


Out of Your Head and Into Action

You will learn ways to bring the most important actions into your life with ease and inspiration. Discover ways to turn talk into action and allow yourself to feel inspired with even the hardest tasks on your to do list. Learn the importance of the anchors in your life and use them to create stability and focus.
2 hours


Art Spa – Explore your Mind, Body and Spirit, through the
Power of Art

Come discover a unique combination of experiences that will open new doors into your idea of self and others. Through the exploration of art and its power to transform, we will discover how we can use art to inspire change and movement within ourselves and the world around us. We will pamper our minds, bodies and spirits, in a calm and nurturing environment.
6 hours, including a meal, pampering and art creation


A Couples Thing

Learn how to communicate more effectively by bringing art into the conversation. Join us for an evening of art exploration. We will learn how to use art to open up channels of communication in our relationships. We will explore how art opens our hearts and minds to ideas and insights, and we will learn techniques to leverage those insights to deepen our relationships. We will explore art, experience taste and learn new ways of speaking and listening. 
4 hours, including sharing a meal


Body Talk

The mind-body connection is strengthened and deepened on the yoga mat.
This workshop will give you tools to bring those connections to life day after day. This workshop is designed to allow you the time to listen to your body, so you maycarry that wisdom off the mat in an intentional and planned way.
3 hours, including a yoga session.


Healing Art & Movement

An interactive workshop inspired by the work of Shawn McNiff, author of Art Can Heal Your Life. This workshop combines art, movement and sound to allow for the messages of creation to heal the wounds in our lives. The journey between art, movement and sound opens us up to our wisdom within. This experience will allow you to explore your mind, body and spirit in new and transformative ways.


Set Your Course

This three-workshop series will allow you to look at your dreams in new ways. It has been designed to bring clarity to why and how to make your dreams come true, as well as develop the steps that will get them in motion. You will identify and articulate the value of your dreams as well as explore the evolution of them in a supportive and energy filled environment.
Three 3-hour sessions, or available as a weekend retreat


The Expressive Shift

A journey into the emotional, spiritual and physical shifts that affect your art. Discover how to use the blocks and shifts to fuel new paths for your work. Explore how your creative flow fuels itself and allows for blocks and shifts to occur and evolve your expression.
Event concepts are continually being created, check back here often!!


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