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Florence is a dynamic cheerleader, teacher and coach. With her guidance, I have identified fears and how to overcome them through action, and strengths and how to capitalize on and broaden them. Need a pep talk? She always has one in her. Then she’ll challenge me to step outside my comfort zone. Works every time.


Jo Anne E. McKinney
Co-Founder and President
The Big Fun Foundation, Inc.


Florence has helped our business focus on the things we need to do to grow, become more profitable and increase our corporate culture. She has also helped me devote more time to family and personal pursuits. These things would have eventually happened, but with her guidance the timeline was cut from years to months. Subsequently, I’ve begun to use many of Florence’s coaching techniques on my own clients.
They work like magic.


Jeff Harrington
Harrington Design


I’ve been counseled by nutritionists, trainers, therapists, close friends and blood relatives. But my life coach, Florence Haridan, is all of those, rolled into one generous, practical woman— I call her “my personal Oprah.” In a matter of months, Florence managed to discover more about my hopes, dreams— and demons— than any one of them. In the two years I’ve worked with Florence, I’ve seen my fears dissipate as my dreams materialize. Florence has the charisma to make you feel as if you can achieve anything, the spunk to challenge you to try, and the common sense to help you come up with a workable plan.

Claire Clark


Initially skeptical of the coaching process, I was won over by Florence’s candor and ability to put herself into my shoes. Her coaching keeps me positive and on-goal; she has helped me usher in a whole new era of confidence and accomplishment. In addition to my own growth, I’ve actually been able to share some of her techniques with clients when consulting on their business issues.


Scott Silverman
Partners + Silverman Advertising

Florence’s energy permeates into what clients are working on. It is a motivating feeling that all type-A personalities need to get even more accomplished in their lives. It helped to put perspective on myself writing a book and inward thinking about how my business will benefit from what I do today.


Jonathan J. Gouthier
Gouthier Design


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