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The Florence Story


Why Florence Haridan? Simple, results!

One day I found myself at 320 pounds, in a job that drained me and in a marriage that was killing my spirit.


In life and in business, change can be difficult. It is a choice. When I was ready to make changes, I knew several things would be required.


Commitment to work.
Commitment to asking for help.
Commitment to giving help.


Commitment to change requires commitment to work is a life philosophy I truly believe in. Work was made easier when itI became clear that I could not do it alone. The decision to change and the decision to ask for help is the combination that I believe guarantees results.


Who we are as people, drives who we are as employees, lovers, friends, parents to name a few. I decided to be a person who embraces the notion of help, giving and receiving.


“It is the willingness to do the work that fuels deep and   lasting change.”


What I have learned, is that it is the company you keep during change is what makes change less difficult. With the help of a coach, a personal trainer, friends and family, I have re-created most of my life over the past few years. I have lost 150 pounds, shifted careers, left a six-figure job to start a business and ended an unhealthy marriage.


“Life has been patiently waiting for me...” This is a quote from the Rascal Flatts song, “Moving On.” This song has inspired most of my hard work these past years. When I decided that I was done with a life full of regrets, I was able to find the willingness to do the work.


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